Salomon unveils its new signature "Tomorrow is yours"

Salomon launches its new brand signature "Tomorrow is Yours". Objective: To allow you to "conquer tomorrow". And it starts now with the return of the brand at Private Sport Shop.

In mid-September, the world's leading French outdoor sports company unveiled its new signature, a reworked logo and a video that should make you want to get moving and go on an adventure (see the clip below). Salomon seeks to " encourage each of us to unleash our full potential through outdoor sports and to dare to invent a better future" . The slogan " Tomorrow is Yours "is inspired by a quote from the founder Georges Salomon: "What fascinates me is what I will do tomorrow".

It is an understatement to say that the clip is successful, it is now close to 2 million views. The almost two-minute video skillfully mixes urban and outdoor environments. The video features several of the athletes supported by the brand, including snowboarder Tess Coady, freestyle skiers Nico Vuignier and Alexi Godbout, ultra-trailers Courtney Dauwalter and François D'haene, and Nordic skier Jessie Diggins.

At Salomon, we believe that a deeper connection with nature can improve our lives and make us better people. "Franco Fogliato, CEO of the brand, explains. " Since the beginning, our company has been imagining the future of sport by inventing and manufacturing high performance sports equipment. We are where we are today because of people who are bold and curious every day and believe that we all have the power to make a difference. We believe this new brand direction will speak to the growing number of young outdoor enthusiasts who share these beliefs.

For 75 years, Salomon has been involved in the development of outdoor sports. Founded by Georges Salomon in Annecy, the French company is still based in the Alps. This new signature announced recently also comes with a slightly modified logo while the new font was designed by David Benedek, former snowboard legend of the Salomon team. Starting this fall/winter 2022/2023 season, the brand's products will feature the new "S" monograms and the "Salomon" logo. Fans may have noticed that they already appeared on Salomon skis and snowboards at the Beijing Olympics.


This redesign of its identity also means for the brand a broadening of its target market while maintaining the technical qualities of its products. " In the future, we want to inspire a younger and wider audience to connect with nature "confirms Franco Fogliato, himself a trailer and passionate skier. " But Salomon remains first and foremost a performance-oriented sports brand. From alpine and Nordic skiing to trail running and hiking, we will continue to design all of our products to perform at their best in the most demanding conditions of outdoor sport competition. We will never compromise on this.

And what could be better than the return of Salomon at Private Sport Shop to check it out. Among the many models of the brand to be found on the site, the Supercross 4 Is a must-have (pictured below). Lightweight, highly cushioned and offering flawless traction on loose trails, this fourth generation also boasts perfect foot support thanks to the precise combination of SensiFit™ and Quicklace™ as well as the performance sock and EndoFit™. So, ready to conquer tomorrow?