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Where to go canyoning in France this summer?

Overview of the spots where to practice canyoning this summer in France. There is no lack of choice in our beautiful country for the most adventurous among you...

This summer, there is a great opportunity to discover or rediscover the geographical wealth of our country. For some, canyoning (or canyoning descent) is on the agenda. Strong sensations, contact with nature, fun, there is no lack of arguments to attract the general public in recent years. We have put together a selection of the most beautiful places in France to practice this sport.

Gorges du Verdon

Surely one of the most famous places for canyoning in France, the Verdon offers a complete practice: jumps, abseiling and natural slides. The number of canyons present allows you to choose your itinerary according to the level of difficulty. One of the easiest (accessible from 6 years old) is the Canyon de Balène, fun and family. The Canyon du Riolan, the most popular of the area, requires a certain physical condition for beginners. And the desire to make jumps of 2 or 3 meters (the highest are not mandatory).

Canyon of Purcaraccia (Corsica)

Head for the Isle of Beauty and its Purcaraccia Canyon (South Corsica). Allow four hours to complete the itinerary. With numerous waterfalls and natural pools, the site is very attractive.

Canyon of Llech (Pyrénées-Orientales)

Regularly mentioned in the top 10 European canyoning spots, the Llech Canyon is physically demanding (and therefore not recommended for under 14s). The crossing of its 21 waterfalls will give rhythm to your outing.

Canyon des Ecouges (Vercors)

Less than an hour from Grenoble, the Canyon des Ecouges in the Vercors is also reserved for more experienced practitioners (especially for its high part). The place is one of the most famous in the region: abseils up to 28 meters and waterfalls up to 70 meters should delight thrill seekers. Special mention for a zip line crossing!

Canyon of Chassezac (Lozère)

6 hours of descent to cover the entirety of the one nicknamed "the Pearl of the Cevennes". Accessible to all levels, the Canyon du Chassezac also requires a good physical condition. Several escape routes make it a fun and very varied spot (abseiling, jumps, slides, swimming...).

Canyon of the Lower Bitet (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)

Direction the Pyrénées-Atlantiques to discover the Canyon du Bitet Inférieur south of Pau. Count 5 to 6 hours to come to the end of this spot offering a small particularity: a short underground passage which left memorable memories to those who ventured there.

You will have understood that canyoning is a varied sport, delighting the eyes as much as the thirst for adventure. There are many courses open to all levels but often requiring a certain physical fitness. So for a sporty and fun holiday this summer, you now know where to go!