Kilian Bron's improbable mountain bike spots

Adventurous mountain biker, Kilian Bron is today a rider who can't be ignored when it comes to revealing videos mixing technique on the bike and discovery of spots at the end of the world. These are the most improbable places visited by the Frenchman during these last years of adventure that we reveal below.

April 2018: On the highest sand dunes in the world in Peru

Kilian Bron has set the bar very high to inaugurate his "Mission" series, which will take him around the world, solo or with other guest riders. It is in Peru that the ambassador Private Sport Shop is going to put his mountain bike at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters. On the highest sand dunes in the world, Kilian rides the immense sandy faces of Cerro Blanco located near the town of Nazca, some 40 km from the Pacific coast.

But it's only after five hours of walking in the sun that the rider can finally get on his enduro to enjoy a dizzying descent. "I found this spot thanks to an edit by skier Jesper Tjader for GoPro. It was already an original idea to ski down this huge sand face, but I had to try it on my bike" Kilian explained after unveiling the video of this episode.

October 2019 : On the Faroe Islands between lakes and fjords

Also as part of his Mission series, Kilian Bron is taking with him in 2019 the rider Jérôme Clementz. As much to say that there will be no technical limit during this shooting for this duo of confirmed mountain bikers. The rider from La Clusaz knows how to adapt to any terrain and Jérôme is the 2013 enduro world champion. For Kilian, the Faroe Islands "are one of the few islands that are still almost untouched, with a harsh and unpredictable climate. This was the main selection criterion for the filming of this sixth episode," he explains. "The trails are almost non-existent. Apart from a few tracks used by sheep, all the islands have kept́ their natural charm, without artifice. "

The two men will travel by ferry or kayak to some of these 18 islands while adapting to the inevitably capricious weather on this archipelago located between Iceland and Norway. After a week of scouting, it is finally time to get on the bike.

January 2020: Ride on fire on the Aeolian Islands

To mark his arrival with his new bike sponsor Commencal, Kilian Bron and the Andorran brand had the idea of riding the volcanoes of the Aeolian Islands. This archipelago located north of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea has seventeen islands, seven of which are inhabited.

Kilian Bron and the film crew embark on a sailing boat for a 12-day expedition that takes them to Vulcano and Stromboli, islands where volcanoes are still active. The result is a ten-minute film, beautifully directed by Léon Perrin.

July 2018 : At 120 km/h on the 2 Alpes glacier

Unlike the spots mentioned above, this one is a classic for riders who dare to take on the challenge of the Mountain of Hell. This marathon descent is one of the emblematic events of the discipline. With a start at an altitude of 3,400 meters and 2,500 meters of negative altitude difference, this is an extreme race that welcomes some of the best riders in the discipline and hundreds of amateurs every year.

In 2018, there are 783 drivers at the start. And as expected, the snow is present on the first kilometers of the race. Kilian sets off among the contenders for the final victory. When the start is given, the most motivated let the brakes off on the hellish descent of the glacier...Here is Kilian's full run, author of a huge performance that day.

June 2018: On the vertical structures of the Namibian desert

Once they arrived in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, Kilian Bron and his cameraman Pierre Henni took to the road with the aim of "getting lost in the middle of the Savannah, riding fantastic spots in settings worthy of The Lion King" as the rider explains when describing this African adventure. "We're leaving for a week with the only means of contact being a satellite phone. Forget 4G, Instagram and everything that goes with it". Among the spots Kilian wrinkled in this episode, the one of Spitzkoppe is located at 3h30 from the capital and reminds a little those that the Frenchman could find in Turkey. "On the horizon of the umpteenth straight 4×4 track, we see the silhouette of the spot that takes shape through a magnificent sunset. This imposing granite massif seems to be very close but is actually about 100 km away from us. Around it, there is nothing but the sound of the wind, a few clouds and plains as far as the eye can see. "

This is where the French mountain biker will ride the steepest faces of his career. "Most of the lines can't be climbed on foot... it doesn't work. The rock is more abrasive than a cheese grater, there is no help nearby and I have no right to make mistakes. On the other hand, the grip is phenomenal and the riding possibilities are almost infinite. "Kilian is going to enjoy himself in front of Pierre's lens for a fabulous result once again.