5 books on outdoor sports that you must have read

In order to prepare your time on the beach this summer, here is a selection of books on outdoor sports to inspire you.

Vertigo on all terrains - Kilian Bron

More than just an excellent rider, the Private Sport Shop ambassador is an image specialist and it is only natural that he compiled his most beautiful shots in the book "Vertige tout terrain" unveiled last March. The Commencal rider has already traveled to many countries around the world and ridden on spots where no other mountain biker has ever set foot. In New Zealand, in Norway, in Turkey, in the Dolomites, in Namibia, in France... This book looks back on his most beautiful trips of these last years and also lifts the veil on the organization of those, the hazards and numerous anecdotes which marked out these various adventures.

The Bites of the Sea- Garrett McNamara

Now 54 years old, Garrett McNamara is a legend in the world of wholesale surfing. The American is especially one of the pioneers of the discipline on the spot of Nazaré. It was he who introduced the world to the huge waves of this corner of Portugal. In 2011, Garrett McNamara is the first to surf a wave of 24 meters. Two years later, he broke his own record, at 46 years old, riding a wave estimated at 30 meters. Myth for some, icon for others, this man who built himself by dint of will and perseverance, had an extraordinary youth. He grew up free and wild, tossed from one hippie community to another. From his adolescence on the verge of delinquency, from which he surprisingly escaped, he drew strength and independence, two qualities that allowed him to live from his passion against all odds.

Virginie Troussier - In the middle of summer an invincible winter

This poignant and intense book tells the story of seven French climbers who were trapped in the Mont Blanc massif in July 1961 because of a huge storm that affected a large part of the country that year. Among the climbers trapped in a bivouac a few meters from the summit of the Pilier du Frêney, Pierre Mazeaud and Walter Bonatti, two figures of the discipline in France. While the men waited for the weather to calm down, the storm continued to rage for several days, lightning struck and only three of them finally escaped alive, finally recovered in a state of extreme fatigue. Virginie Troussier tells the story of this struggle for life from the testimony of the survivors.

Xtrm Sports - Nicolas Arquin - Manu Massabova

In outdoor and urban sports, there are many disciplines and this book, written by two journalists from the field, gives a complete overview of these different worlds. The preface is signed by the French surfer Justine Dupont, considered the best big wave specialist on the planet. In addition to water sports, the book deals with multiple disciplines on land, concrete or in the sky. It is also an opportunity to discover interviews with some of the greatest champions of the sport, to enjoy the magnificent images selected and to learn more about the emblematic sports events of extreme sports.

Skate like a girl - Amel Carolina 

Although the book is in English, it is still worth the detour because it deals with a facet of this sport that deserves to be more highlighted, that of women's skateboarding. This book draws the portrait of 40 female skateboarders who knew how to make their way in the skateparks and contribute to the feminization of this sport. Directors, coaches, longboard pros, board makers, we discover those who are shaking up the codes in all aspects of the profession, including Emily Pross, downhill specialist, the founders of GRLSWIRL, the first female 100 % skate community, or Bunga Nyimas Cinta, an Indonesian medallist at the Asian Games at the age of 12.